Negative Examples of Social Media in Fine Arts: Theaters

One of the most important  traits of any social media strategy as a fine arts institution is that it needs to be genuine. Specifically, theater could use a few pointers when it comes to this genuine behavior. A current trend for theaters that utilize a social media strategy online is that they have yet to figure out the balance between interesting, original content, and hollow one-way marketing campaigns. Many different types of companies are guilty of this; neither over-confident tweets nor never-ending promotional tweets have proven useful in implementing an effective social media presence. In Denis Barker’s article Does Our Theater Not Want To Evolve?  he points out that theaters have not been able to successfully combine the wants of valuable social engagement with customer with subtle broadcasting strategies.

In this article, Barker also points out that often if social media is left only in the domain of the marketing department, that it will be used simply as an inefficient marketing tool. This is ineffective because companies should be working to fully integrate their social media and be participants of the conversation, stories, narratives, and interactions that surface genuinely as per nature of this medium.

In a blog post entitled Theatre & Social Media: Follow the Conversation by blogger Catherine Love, she begs the issue of in-genuine tactics employed by theaters on social media platforms. She states that audience members are far from happy because theater companies often over-zealously retweet, and send endless marking-driven promotional tweets into their follower’s newsfeeds. Theaters need to remember to always be a participant of the conversation while also being unique, real, and valuable.
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